Tuesday, 11 June 2013

A bit of a dampener

The weather is not supposed to be like this on a Green-Gym day!  The wind had finally stopped blowing in from the Arctic to spoil all the lovely sunshine we’ve had this last week: it had veered round to the north-east, so it could blow in from northern Siberia instead. 

By this morning, the wind had changed again.  It had veered round more to the south.  Did that make it any warmer?  No!  What it meant was that there were a few drops of rain on the breeze.  By session end it was a distinctly murky summer’s day.

Nevertheless, twelve good (wo)men and true turned out for Green Gym, for a variety of tasks.  There was some “plant growth maintenance” (ie cutting back) to do:

Also phase 2 of the screen for the children’s bird hide.  The time-consuming element was sinking holes for the uprights:

In the meantime, there was a trailer-load of binders to be carried to the work-site and stacked:

Once the Master Weaver had everything set up, progress was rapid:

On the other side of the site, Santa’s workshop had started up again, as an order had come in for another of “your special Wallingford Green Gym planters” made out of old pallet wood:

The two we had made earlier had already been planted up, and are in service.  They sit either side of what will be the gate to the pond area, which we turfed in a previous session:

The other task we picked from the long list of options was to trundle wheelbarrow-loads of gravel from car-park almost as far as the river bank.  So that they could be used to stabilise the ground where birds’ nets are often set:

The only really damp patch of the day, from my PoV, was when I heard the ominous words in passing, “Perhaps we should tell Santa now, so that he has a week to recover from the upset.”  Had Santa’s workshop fallen short on their high standards?  The answer turned out to be that the planter (several man-hours in the making and still not completed) was “a high-quality product, but ... the wrong size!”

Fortunately, the situation can be retrieved.  The projected inner container for this planter can be adapted, rather than modifying the planter itself.  It just goes to show that Green-Gymmers can be as good on ideas, and as bad at communications as anyone else!  And yes, I include myself in that: as session leader, I too had not appreciated that this time the client had a slightly different spec in mind.

I think they’ll probably still have us back again, though ...

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